33 mushers finished so far the Iditarod XL

Mar - 16 2012 | By

Since the 33rd musher to finish, Jim Lanier, wearing bib #3 crossed under the arch at 17:58 on Thursday, there’s been a lull. Rookie Mike Santos left White Mountain at 12:18 and could arrive before midnight tonight to make the 17th musher of the day.The fire siren sounds and Iditarod spectators flock to the Burled Arch on Front Street. Folks watching the IonEarth tracker hike down the street prior to the siren to meet the mushers and dogs behind the Subway and Gold Coast Cinema building as they climb off the Bering Sea Ice. Participating in Iditarod as a spectator in Nome is strenuous. It’s especially strenuous on a day when 16 teams sign in under the Arch.

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