Mar - 03 2014

Due to a technical change on the ITC backend side race updates to the blog and the Iditarod Live App are delayed. I am working on a workaround to get this resolved ASAP

Mar - 04 2013

Martin got into Finger Lake at 1:30 AM and was out already at 1:50 AM. He only stayed long enough to snack the dogs.  

Mar - 04 2013

And I am so slow to post this time round because of many personal commitments.   The video gives some quick impressions from the start in Anchorage on Saturday and the Re-Start in Willow on Sunday. (Courtesy of the Iditarod trail commitee)   Mike

May - 08 2012

Wow things have been hectic since the end of the Iditarod. The kennels at Husky-Time have seen a complete overhaul and now sport stylish Hardwood flooring (actually it is Pine J) and new doghouses. Each kennel has now its own kitchen sink for fresh and clean water (no more footbaths guys, sorry). Put a new […]

Mar - 19 2012

The last musher  crossed the finish line today. Bringing the 40th Iditarod race to a close. UPDATE: Jan Steves was the last musher to come in under the burled arch in Nome finishing the roughly 1000 miles in 14 days 11 hours 57 minutes and 3 seconds. Congratlations to alm the finishers. Posted from UpdateMyFeed […]

Mar - 18 2012

the last three mushers still in the race are Dan Seavey in White Mountain, Jan Steves and the current Red Lantern Bob Chlupach both on their way to White Mountain Posted from UpdateMyFeed for Windows Phone

Mar - 17 2012

The first of the Siberian husky team with veteran musher Karen Ramstwad on the runners is about 8 miles from Safety Checkpoint. The second Siberian team is following her at about 2 miles distance according to the live GPS tracker.   Posted from UpdateMyFeed for Windows Phone

Mar - 16 2012

Since the 33rd musher to finish, Jim Lanier, wearing bib #3 crossed under the arch at 17:58 on Thursday, there‚Äôs been a lull. Rookie Mike Santos left White Mountain at 12:18 and could arrive before midnight tonight to make the 17th musher of the day.The fire siren sounds and Iditarod spectators flock to the Burled […]

Mar - 15 2012

Just released the 2.2 update to the marketplace. Check it out. Now with dynamic leaderboard, checkpoint and musher info. Posted from UpdateMyFeed for Windows Phone

Mar - 15 2012

20 years and counting the Buser family’s dogyard in Nome is at a friends house and an institution. Image courtesy ITC Posted from UpdateMyFeed for Windows Phone

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